Alex Turner's parents are turning his old bedroom into a museum.

The Arctic Monkeys front man stays with his mother, Penny, and father, David, in his childhood home when he returns to Sheffield, south Yorkshire, England, throughout the year, but he admits his old sanctuary is no longer how it used to be and is more like the Memphis museum, Graceland, in Tennessee.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, he said: ''They're turning it into a museum. It's going to be like Graceland.''

The 27-year-old singer insists his family were very supportive of him when he decided to ditch the norm of higher education and turn his back on a basic job for the chance of forming a band ten years ago.

However, the hunky musician recently banned his mum from attending any music festivals where he was playing at because it stops him from pulling any mischievous stunts.

He said previously: ''I asked if, in future, we could check which festival she wants to go to and which ones I'm playing at. I absolutely love her though, don't get me wrong.''