Alex Turner says Batman is his hero.

The Arctic Monkeys frontman is a closet comic book geek and likes to pretend to be the cape-wearing superhero on his jaunts around Los Angeles, where the original 60s TV series was filmed.

He told The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: ''I like to walk up to the Bat Cave. I was a big fan of the old Batman series with Adam West and they used to shoot it up the hill from where I'm staying.

''I've been trying to go for a jog up there but it kind of turns into a stroll and a game of Batman by the time I get there.''

The Manchester-born singer used to get stuck playing Batman's sidekick Robin during childhood games, but now feels successful enough to identify with the leading man.

He reminisced: ''It was me and another kid I grew up with down my street who were Batman and Robin and I was definitely younger and shorter so I was Robin most of the time.

''But maybe that's what gave me the drive to become a Batman in later life. Ah, that's a whole can of worms there. Yeah, I'm Batman now.''

The 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?' rocker is especially jealous of the DC Comics character's gadgets, especially his plane, and admits he wishes he had his own private plane so he could jet off to exotic locations on a whim.

Alex recently said: ''It would be boss [great] to have a plane. Bands in the 70s, they had a plane. You could have a beer belly and wear just a waistcoat with the belly. Now you have to go to the gym and fly commercial.''