Alex Rodriguez has hinted him and Jennifer Lopez will have a destination wedding.

The baseball star refused to divulge too much information about his upcoming nuptials with his fiancé but did promise it would be a ''long flight'' for their guests.

Speaking on Strahan, Sara and Keke, he said: ''I got one clue for y'all. One wedding clue. It's gonna be a long flight. When you think about wedding plans and Jennifer is your partner, all you do is - you do a lot of nodding. I don't know where the location is, I don't know what I'm wearing, I don't know when it is. I'll just show up. The more [guests] the merrier. I would say exes are invited to the wedding. All-inclusive.''

Meanwhile, Jennifer previously insisted marriage is really ''important'' to her.

She said: ''Marriage is important for both of us. We both come from traditional Latin families and we want that. Everyone wants somebody to grow old with.

''At the end of the day, how much work can you do, how much money can you make, and what does it all matter? It doesn't, really.''

The 50-year-old singer and actress has vowed she will get married to the former baseball player but they're so busy that they haven't set a date yet.

She added: ''I have a movie I'm shooting in October ['Marry Me'] and the movie has an album that goes with it, so I'm just a little bit busy right now.

''And until October, he has the World Series in baseball. We're going to have to pick a day, pick a time and block it out, but we're definitely talking about it.''