Alex Reid admits he's made ''bad mistakes'' throughout his relationship with fiancee Chantelle Houghton.

The cage fighter insists he's doing ''everything'' possible to make their romance work because he loves the blonde reality star and their two-month-old daughter Dolly, and despite their recent arguments the couple have discussed the possibility of purchasing another house and finally tying the knot.

Alex - who is currently sleeping on the floor in the couple's Essex home because of an ''uncomfortable'' mattress - said: ''I'm doing everything in my power to make it work. I've made bad mistakes and choices. I love both of my girls with all my heart, they're my life. It does make me sad because I'm a good guy.

''We were talking about getting married the other day. We were talking about getting another house.''

While Chantelle admitted last month that the couple's relationship is ''strained'', Alex is confident the pair will have another baby at some point in the future.

He explained: ''Dolly's going to have a Little Brother in the future.

''We need to sort ourselves out. We did have Dolly. Actually, I go back on that because I'm so grateful she's here. If me and Chantelle never see each other again then we still have Dolly.''

But Alex admits he only looks after Dolly ''10 per cent'' of the time, and didn't even miss his daughter during his and Chantelle's recent break from looking after her because he ''valued'' the time he had with his fiancee ''so much''.

When asked if he is a hands-on father, he told new! magazine: ''Yeah, nowhere near as much [as Chantelle]. It's split maybe 90/10. I only do 10 per cent.

''I mean I would miss her if I was going away for more than a day. Chantelle's mum had her for a day and a half over the weekend and we spent some time together. Chantelle said, 'Do you miss Dolly?' and I said, 'No,' because I valued that time we had together so much.''