Alex Reid insists he is ''here for'' Chantelle Houghton.

The cage-fighter's fiancee walked out on him following an undisclosed problem last week, but Alex insists he still wants to marry the reality TV star, who is due to give birth to their baby in the coming weeks.

He said: ''I can't wait to marry her, and I can't wait to have her in my family. The song is like a Celebration''.

Speaking about his debut single 'Stardust', he added: ''All the lyrics are all about her. It's not like I've been nasty or away on tour or anything.

''I want to reiterate the whole song is about Chantelle, I want her to know I'm here for her.

''This song is close to my heart, I think it'll do well, it'll be a success.''

Alex is expecting 'Stardust' - which features the lyrics, ''So near, so far, my heart is where you are'' - to be a top 40 hit because he wouldn't ''bother'' making a record if he didn't think it would be triumphant.

He added in an interview with website MarkMeets: ''It could go top 40, it sounds just as good any of the other songs out there, in my mind.

''If it's going to be a load of crap I'm not going to bother, I think it's pretty bloody good, so yeah to me it sounds just as good as any other songs and tunes I listen to.''

Despite walking out on Alex following an ''almighty row'', Chantelle insists the couple are now trying to patch up their differences.

She tweeted: ''To confirm I did take time out from alex and stay at my flat last week after an almighty row. Last couple days been trying to sort things. (sic)''