It defies belief that Alex Reid has managed to gain any sort of prolonged profile at all, so before you scoff at his proclamation that he has ambitions of becoming an MP of Parliament, it's worth remembering that he's already achieved quite a lot for someone whose basic attributes seem to be being 'quite hard.'
Speaking to UK newspaper The Sun, Reid - whose currently engaged to fellow reality star Chantelle Houghton and used to be married to Katie Price - said "It would be lovely to be an MP," somewhat underplaying the consistent pressure that comes with taking on such a role. "I believe I can use my power as a celebrity to influence young people to help them be the people they want to be and to have a better Britain,' he continued regardless. Continuing his plan for a dumbed down Britain, the cage fighter added "I'm someone who can get the points across that people want and can understand without jargon,' he explained."
How about running for Prime Minister Alex? "If the people wanted me to, I'd love to," he replied, as though it was as important a choice someone asking him if he fancied nipping out for a pint or two. Confident too that he'd have no problem when it came to the debating side of politics, Reid insisted "When you've fought an athlete trying to rip your head off, standing up against someone just trying to verbally discredit you won't be a problem." Quite.