Alex Reid would've barely had the chance to forcibly move his face into a look of concern at his divorce hearing as he and ex-wife Katie Price - also known as Jordan - were divorced in just 55 seconds at a hearing in London. Price cited Reid's "unreasonable behaviour" as the reason for the split.
It completes what was somewhat of a roller coaster ride for the pair who got married in February 2010 at a Las Vegas ceremony. Their harmony didn't last long - perhaps Reid should've paid more attention to Price's reality TV show with former husband Peter Andre for foresight - and they'd split up by January of 2011. Price has since gone on to win her second Mum of The Year award, for the raising of her kids with fathers Dwight Yorke and Andre; Reid meanwhile has lurched on to another celebrity romance having got hitched to Chantelle Houghton, former wife of THE ORDINARY BOYS' PRESTON.