Kind-hearted Alex Kingston's friendship with new ER girl Parminder Nagra has helped her fellow Brit settle into life in America.

The actress has been able to give the BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star the benefit of her experiences, as she made exactly the same move a few years previously, and knows all the problems Parminder faces as she establishes herself in the first high-profile role of her career.

She says, "I certainly was aware of what Parminder might be going through. When I first came over I knew a handful of people and that made things easier. Parminder didn't.

"What was nice was that I was with her when she filmed her first two episodes, so she was able to dip her toes into the water slightly. Then she went home and came back - and the second time it wasn't such a culture shock.

"I advised her where she might live and when she said, 'I could only bring three bags.' I said, 'Well, lets go shopping then!'"

12/09/2003 17:22