Rocker Alex Kapranos met his future Franz Ferdinand bandmate NICHOLAS McCARTHY when the guitarist stole his vodka - and the pair ended up in a brawl.

TAKE ME OUT star Kapranos became enraged when he noticed his alcohol was missing, but soon warmed to McCarthy when he accepted an invitation to play drums in the burgeoning Franz Ferdinand.

But it was only later that Kapranos discovered McCarthy had never played the drums before.

Kapranos explains, "One night, I went to this party and I brought a litre-bottle of vodka. I set it down, but as soon as I turned around again it had gone.

"Then I saw this guy standing in the corner, helping himself to my bottle of vodka. I went over and it quickly turned into a fight.

"It was about to turn into a full-scale brawl, when suddenly this thought popped into my head - I've no idea why - and I said, 'I don't suppose you can play the drums can you?' He went, 'Yeah, I can actually.' So I said, 'Do you want to be in our band?'

"He did. And in an instant the fight was forgotten. His name was Nick and we chatted about music for the rest of the night. Funny thing was, it turned out he couldn't play the drums, so we ended up putting him on guitar instead."

15/03/2005 17:22