FRANZ FERDINAND star Alex Kapranos is relieved the band have settled back into studio life, because he was struggling to write tunes on the road.

The innovative songwriter is currently working hard on Franz Ferdinand's follow-up album to their critically acclaimed 2004 debut, and admits being locked in a room with his bandmates on a daily basis makes the composition process so much easier.

Scottish Kapranos says, "It's a lot easier when you're hanging around together than it is doing it on the road.

"I can write on the road, but what's difficult to do on the road is get some perspective and do the thing which makes songs good, which is editing them down and discarding the bits that are rubbish.

"We do that from the four of us just sitting around and chatting about it, seeing what we like and what we don't like."

The group are aiming to have their album finished in time for an autumn (05) release.

22/04/2005 13:32