Acting couple Alessandro Nivola and Emily Mortimer have discovered the perfect method to stifle jealousy when they watch each other in sexy film scenes - they always form a friendship with the on-screen love interest.

The BEST LAID PLANS actor, who kissed Kate Beckinsale and FRANCES McDORMAND in new movie LAUREL CANYON, always introduces Mortimer to the female co-stars he's required to get intimate with, and his wife returns the favour.

And the pair find the practice succeeds in alleviating any feelings of jealousy when the film hits cinemas.

He says, "It really hasn't been a problem, at least not yet, between us. I've had to watch her get smeared with custard by Ewan McGregor (in Young Adam) so it's tit for tat.

"But we've both made efforts, when we've been playing romantically opposite someone, to try to introduce each other to them and make them part of our lives for that period.

"I got to know Ewan a bit during the time they were filming and he was absolutely lovely. He made a big effort to be friendly to me. So you do whatever you can to make it easier on each other."

28/11/2003 09:07