Alessandra Ambrosio regrets splashing out on a Dolce & Gabbana dress.

The Victoria's Secret model bought a couture gown from the designers but thinks it looks too much like a wedding gown to ever wear in public.

She explained: ''I bought this couture Dolce & Gabbana dress and I never wear it. It was an amazing dress but after I bought it I realised it kind of looks like a wedding dress.''

The Victoria's Secret model also revealed she loves heeled sneakers, saying: ''Right now I am really into heeled sneakers. I think they are cool, comfy and they lift you up a little bit. I also want over-the-knee boots, black leather.''

While she has many clothes of her own, Alessandra recently revealed her style icon is Kate Moss and would love to ''raid the closet'' of the British supermodel as she adores everything she wears.

She said: ''I wish I could raid the closet of Kate Moss. She has such amazing style and clothes.''