Alesha Dixon has praised women for being ''so strong''.

The 38-year-old singer - who has three-year-old daughter Azura with her partner Azuka Ononye - has said that whilst she faces sexism in her everyday life ''all the time'', she believes women have ''overcome'' so many struggles and should be praised for their strength.

Asked if she's ever experienced sexism, Alesha said: ''Yeah, probably all the time. I never allow being female or the colour of my skin to be reasons not to succeed. I think women have overcome a lot more, just in the fact that we live in a time where men get paid more for doing the same job. Women are so strong, and that's one thing they can't take away from us.''

And 'The Boy Does Nothing' hitmaker - who was formerly a member of Mis-Teeq - also said she'd have no problem contacting UK television regulatory body Ofcom if she found out a man was getting paid more than her for doing the same job.

When asked what she'd do if she discovered fellow 'Britain's Got Talent' judge David Walliams was paid more than her, she said: ''I'd write a complaint letter and get Ofcom on the phone. It'd be an injustice!''

Meanwhile, Alesha would tell her fans not to waste time ''worrying'', as the most important thing she's learned from her negative experiences is to just keep persevering until she can ''come out the other end''.

She told Fabulous magazine: ''Worrying is a stagnant energy that doesn't get you anywhere. You only hurt yourself when you hold on to anger or bitterness. Unfortunately, you do have to go through things to come out the other end.''