Alesha Dixon insists she hasn't been ''obsessively training or dieting'' to lose her baby weight.

The 35-year-old singer only gave birth to her daughter Azura five months ago and she's adamant she won't be rushing to achieve her pre-pregnancy figure.

She said: ''I haven't been obsessively training or dieting. i wanted to let natural take its course. I'm still nursing so I want to make sure that i'm good to myself. I always try to eat healthily, but I've not deprived myself of anything. I think I've got a lot of energy and probably that's what's helped me burn it off.''

The brunette beauty, who is currently juggling her judging duties on 'Britain's Got Talent' with being a mother, admits parenthood was challenging in the first few weeks, but she's learnt to adjust pretty quickly.

She explained to The Sun newspaper: ''It's a life-changing thing emotionally, hormonally... The whole experience is really testing. In the first couple of weeks, I felt overwhelmed, like I had to survive on no sleep. Before, when I had five or six hours sleep, I'd think, 'Oh I'm tried, I need more.' No, no, no! Five or six hours sleep is amazing!''