Alesha Dixon is feeling ''philosophical'' about turning 40.

The 'Breathe Slow' hitmaker is generally feeling positive about hitting the milestone but admits she does have ''bad days'' where she worries about ageing.

She said: ''You can't help being philosophical about turning 40. I'm human and I'm a woman so it all depends on my mood. I have good days and bad days and it changes all the time. So I do have days where I'm like, 'Oh my god I'm going to be 40 - I can barely even say it!' Sometimes I think I'm enjoying life so much and it's going so quick and you become more aware of [mortality] ...

''But then I have other days where I think I'm so blessed that I've made it to this age, days where I look at what I've done in 40 years and think, 'That was one amazing chapter', and I feel really optimistic and empowered by that. I'm the happiest and healthiest I've ever been in my life, so I have to give thanks for that.''

And the 39-year-old singer and television personality says she is the ''most fearless'' she's ever felt now she is turning 40.

She added to The Sun on Sunday's Fabulous magazine: ''I genuinely feel at this age the most fearless I've ever felt, which is really freeing. It takes time to get here - you have to go through things and experience highs and lows, and all those things combined lead you to this place. And that's the beautiful thing about getting older. People worry about their looks going, but go deeper and you realise you know yourself more and you're more comfortable in your own skin and more settled within yourself, and that's a really great basis on which to live your life.''