Spanish superstar Alejandro Sanz is preparing to trek to the North Pole as part of an environmental expedition with Greenpeace activists.

The rocker, an ambassador for the campaign group, will head off on the journey to the Arctic on Sunday (14Jul13) and will explore the extent of damage to glaciers and the polar ice cap due to climate change.

He and his team will also meet with local Inuits to find out how their way of life has been affected by rising temperatures across the globe and Greenpeace will also use the trip to raise awareness about the dangers of drilling for oil and gas in the region.

In a statement released by Greenpeace, Sanz writes, "We have to acknowledge the fact that if we help save the Arctic we're saving much more.

"It's the most important environmental battle because it is one of the few places on Earth where an environmental balance still exists. Much is at stake and what happens there affects us all."

Greenpeace's Arctic mission is expected to last for seven days, until 20 July (13).

The environmental protest group hit headlines on Thursday (11Jul13) after six female supporters successfully scaled Britain's tallest landmark, The Shard in London, to draw attention to the controversial drilling practices at the North Pole.