Mexican movie director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is eager to see British soccer star Wayne Rooney swap the pitch for the big screen, insisting the sports star will "have a good Hollywood career" once he hangs up his boots.
The Biutiful filmmaker worked alongside the English national player on a Nike commercial as part of last year's (10) World Cup tournament.
In the series of clips, Rooney had to take on several different roles and Inarritu was so impressed with the 25 year old's acting abilities he wants to help him launch a film career once he quits soccer.
The Oscar-nominated director tells Britain's The Sun, "Wayne Rooney was super-comfortable with the camera. I said to him, 'I will offer you a role once you are a little older and you are done with football.' He will have a good Hollywood career, I'm sure.
"Wayne is a natural. He's from the streets and has a warrior appeal that could serve him well in movies."