Alec Baldwin has quit Twitter. Of course, the more interesting part of the story is what led to him quitting the social media site. The incident all unfolded in the space of less than two days, but oh boy, has it been a media frenzy. It all started when on Thursday night, a British journalist wrote for the MailOnline website that Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, had been tweeting during the memorial service for James Gandolfini earlier that day.

Alec Baldwin, Stella by Starlight Gala
The actor's quick temper didn't help matters.

It is still unclear whether or not the tweets were sent during the funeral – both Alec and Hilaria have vehemently denied it and eyewitnesses have claimed that the Baldwin was not using her phone, during the service, however the reaction from her husband’s side was swift and aggressive. Baldwin unleashed a storm of tweets directed at the journalist, at MailOnline and at the media in general. Most of his tweets included swearing and homophobic slurs, which would be inappropriate at any time, but sounded particularly so in light of LGBT pride month and the rejection of DOMA.

Since Baldwin subsequently deleted his account, the original tweets are no longer available, however, screenshots of them were subsequently posted on the MailOnline website. The website also claimed to have filed a query with twitter to find out the exact times when Hilaria’s tweets were originally posted and see if those fall within the time of Gandolfini’s funeral service. Overall, from the distance of two days, the story now seems overblown and unnecessary, but still, it was just another day in the land of social media and instant communication.

Alec Baldwin, The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin Opening Night
His defense of his wife might have been cavalier,

Alec Baldwin, Cannes Film Festival
But maybe just a bit misguided?