Alec Baldwin has hinted his bitter divorce and custody battle with ex-wife Kim Basinger is over after taking time to praise her mothering skills on US TV. The movie star has been embroiled in a fraught legal battle with Basinger for years, but after winning a new "order" earlier this year (06), the Pearl Harbor seems ready to stop fighting. Speaking on CNN show Larry King LIVE earlier this week (beg20NOV06), Baldwin said, "My ex-wife was somebody who was funny and she was fun... and she was a lot of fun to be with. "She was a great, great person. And then all of a sudden I think we just wanted to live different lives. "But I think she's a great mother, yes, good mom." In court, Baldwin accused his ex of refusing to obey by the terms of court-imposed custody and attempting to turn their daughter IRELAND against him. But the actor star accepts he's won as much custody as he thinks is fair: "I have what I have now. I have the orders that I have now."