Actor Alec Baldwin is writing a book about child custody cases after enduring a heartbreaking custody battle for his daughter, IRELAND. The COOLER star has been battling ex-wife Kim Basinger for joint custody during a long, drawn-out court case. He explains, "The book is not necessarily a memoir about my own situation, because no matter what you do, no matter how difficult this process is, you've got to keep in mind the other party is still the co-parent of your child, so you've got to be careful there. "The book is a survey of family law in this country from a legal and political stand point." The actor hopes to help other parents in similar situations and even bring about change to the antiquated laws, which he feels are set up to favour mothers in custody cases. If the book is successful, Baldwin hopes to hold "divorce seminars" to educate parents about the custody process. Although he's experienced a bitter divorce, the star hasn't ruled out getting married again, saying, "Never say never. You never know."