Actor Alec Baldwin was disappointed when he was set-up on a blind date with CINDY CRAWFORD - because she wasn't beautiful enough.

The sexy supermodel says the actor's brother, Billy Baldwin, set them up on a blind date years ago when Alec was an aspiring actor and she was a 20-year-old model.

She explains, "Alec had just seen me on the cover of Cosmo (Cosmopolitan). I think he was expecting me to open the door and have everything hiked up and looking glamorous, but I was just a girl going on a date.

"I felt like I saw his face just fall like, 'She's not that Cosmo girl.'"

The supermodel says the two went out on the date, but that nothing more came of the relationship after her less than stellar first impression.

She adds, "It didn't go anywhere. I'll leave it at that."