Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin insists he's guaranteed to win the Best Supporting Actor OSCAR later this month (FEB04), after conducting in-depth research on his rivals.

Baldwin has been nominated for his efforts in THE COOLER - and he's decided fellow category nominees Tim Robbins, Djimon Hounsou, Benicio Del Toro and Ken Watanabe don't stand a chance.

He jokes, "I've done some research and I've looked into a few things. Number one is that we have Djimon Hounsou and Ken Watanabe - both wonderful actors, but there's actually a clause on the Academy voting regulations that you can get nominated for an ACADEMY AWARD for Best Supporting Actor if you're a foreign-born actor, but you can't actually win the award. So they're out!

"It gets better: I played a little game with Tim. I called him up and did the old 'I'll vote for you if you vote for me' thing - and he fell for it!

"And then the thing with Benicio was a little trickier, but we looked into some records and we found out that he didn't show up for four months of service in Texas in the NATIONAL GUARD. So he is questionable as Oscar material. I think I'm standing alone in the pile!"

20/02/2004 14:19