Alec Baldwin "worships" Meryl Streep.

The actor was thrilled to be cast in new movie 'It's Complicated' because it meant he got to work with the 'Devil Weas Prada' star and says he would have taken on any role if it meant sharing a scene with the actress.

He said: "I have worshiped Meryl for so long that I would have played her driver or her chiropractor. Then I found out I was going to be her leading man. I'm not allowed to tell you that I have some romantic scenes with her.

"They don't want to spoil the surprise. But I can tell you that it's easy to imagine being in love with her. So, romance with Meryl - yes, I was terrified."

Despite his successes, Alec also admitted he is amazed when he receives attention from female fans.

He explained to Parade magazine: "It's funny when I'm called a sex symbol. I never think about it. Whenever a woman squeezes my arm in that special way and tells me she's a fan, it's always a surprise."