Alec Baldwin won't criticise Woody Allen because of his own ''conscience''.

The 'Blue Jasmine' star insisted he won't join other actors in refusing to ever work with the 83-year-old director - who he has made three movies with - again after he was accused of sexual abuse by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, because although he has ''profound sympathy'' for victims, he thinks those who are falsely accused are just as ''tragic'' and there's no clear evidence to prove whether the allegations, which Woody has denied, are true.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''There's a very small number of people who know what really happened in that situation.

''Only the people who were in that room can know for sure, but you have testimony for and against Woody from the same pool of people.

''One daughter is saying he's a sex offender; his other son has defended him. I have nothing but the most profound sympathy for anyone who was the victim of sex abuse, but I also have a bit of a conscience, if you will, about people who are falsely accused. That's tragic, too.''

The 61-year-old actor admires the women who have spoken openly about their experiences of sexual misconduct but is worried the ''moment'' captured by Time's Up and #MeToo is now ''slipping away''.

Asked how he feels about his friend, the film-maker James Toback, who has been accused of sexual assault or sexual harassment by 395 women, he said: ''The only thing I have to say about that - like any of the other cases - is that there are people who have admirably brought that subject to the fore - whether it's Asia Argento or Rose McGowan, to name two of the most notable - and that moment seems to be slipping away.

''I hope we can rekindle it all, because it seems to be waning. If [Harvey] Weinstein is presumed to be low-hanging fruit, then why isn't he in a courtroom? The only person who's behind bars is [Bill] Cosby.''