Alec Baldwin may have married his yoga instructor wife Hilaria Thomas over the weekend, but it appears the Hollywood actor is back to his bullish, belligerent best after telling Vanity Fair magazine that he wanted to kill TMZ's head honcho Harvey Levin.
In 2007, Levin was the man who exposed the voice mail that Baldwin had sent to his young daughter, yelling and berating her. Of the TMZ man, Baldwin said, "I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him, and I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes". His also spoke about how he wanted to kill the lawyer of his ex-wife Kim Basinger. Baldwin married on Saturday, and appeared to suggest in the article that he will get his anger under control, declaring, "You have to let that go. Enough time - I mean, it does heal wounds". The actor has hardly been out of the headlines in recent weeks after a series of bust-ups with photographers and reporters outside his New York apartment.
Perhaps now he's settled down, Baldwin could take up the career in politics that he so often talks about? Referring to his ambitions in the Vanity Fair piece, the 'To Rome with Love' actor mused, "I do want to go into politics. I really, really do.And I don't know if I will. You have to stop and ask a lot of whys. Run for the glory? Run to complete some missing piece of myself?"