The actor has joined PETA's campaign to shut down the cruel roadside tourist attractions, and he has written a strongly-worded letter to officials at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), demanding they ban bear pits.

Addressing Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Baldwin notes that while bears in the wild spend their time exploring diverse terrain and foraging for food, captive bears are confined to cramped and barren concrete pits, which can lead to psychological distress, arthritis, pressure sores, and other painful, debilitating conditions.

The actor writes, "Animal advocates like me depend on the USDA to protect animals who are used for entertainment from lives of deprivation, pain, and abuse... I'm writing to you today to ask that the USDA recognize the cruelty and danger inherent in bear pits and ban this archaic form of confinement without delay."

Baldwin is also urging families to stay away from roadside zoos this summer in a new video for PETA, in which he says, "People talk about the right to bear arms. After seeing this video, you might want to push for the right to arm bears."

The video features footage of bears displayed in tiny cages and pits, where they have little to do but "pace in circles, beg for food from tourists, and break their teeth by gnawing on cage bars".

"As long as well-meaning people continue to go to roadside zoos and shows, the bears will continue to suffer," Alec adds. "The most important action that you can take for captive bears is simply to stop supporting their abuse. Please steer clear of roadside zoos, bear pits, and fairs where they are forced to perform."