Alec Baldwin has reiterated his intention to one-day run for Mayor of New York, but admits his commitments to television show '30 Rock' will make it difficult for him to build a campaign in 2013. Mr Baldwin, a Long Island native and life-long liberal, claims he may even go back to school to better equip himself for a run at office.
Speaking to the New York Times on Monday (8th August 2011), Baldwin claims to live on the Upper West Side rather than a wealthier neighbourhood because it's "more real", adding, "There's old people, it's ethnic and it's economically mixed". The actor said he is likely to sit out of the 2013 election, but plans to run in a later election and is talking with "two top universities" about enrolling in a master's course in politics and government. Although he would be a popular candidate with the New York electorate, Baldwin could have competition from another star of American television. 'Frasier' actor Kelsey Grammer recently expressed an interest in running for Mayor, telling the New York Post he had the "narcissistic personality" and "resilient ego" required for politics, adding that he would consider a run once he's done with full-time acting. Grammer, a conservative Republican, endorsed former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the 2008 presidential primary and later campaigned for John McCain in the general election.
As well as his work on '30 Rock', Baldwin is currently working on a number of movie projects. He is set to star in Woody Allen's forthcoming romantic-comedy 'The Bop Decameron', with Jesse Eisenberg and ELLEN PAGE.