The former 30 Rock actor starred in family drama Orphans, but his stint was marred by off-stage drama as LaBeouf was booted from the cast just weeks before the curtain went up following a series of rows with Baldwin in rehearsals. Ben Foster was drafted in as a replacement, and the play won mainly positive reviews, but ended up closing early due to slow ticket sales.

And it seems the experience left a nasty taste in Baldwin's mouth - he was asked by at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts 50th Anniversary Gala on Monday (04Apr16) if there was anything that would get him back on the Great White Way, to which he quickly responded, "No!"

Baldwin explained, "I did Orphans, and that killed my Broadway enthusiasm. I'd do Off-Broadway, but not Broadway."

While he won't be returning to Broadway anytime soon, the Tony nominee and graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts did stress the importance of education in the arts.

"I think a general education is imperative for people who become actors, because I just feel like you can’t play parts... No one wants you to play the lawyer or the doctor or the judge or the prosecutor - an intelligent character - unless you have some education," he explained. "And, I always tell people, 'Go to school and study drama.' Take your dramatic acting courses, and take your studio acting courses, but major in something else as well or minor in literature and read all the books you can.

"The condition of undergraduate students at Tisch is the same for students everywhere, which is when you leave here, you’ll never have as much time to read as you once had. It’s painful. I always tell people, ‘My God, the time I spend reading.' I'm up to 1 o'clock in the morning; my wife is like, 'Go to bed!' That’s the only time I have, but I think that people need to have that kind of well-rounded liberal arts education."