Alec Baldwin is suing a man he rowed with over a parking space.

The 61-year-old actor pleaded guilty in court in January to a charge of second-degree violation of harassment in relation to the incident, which took place in November last year when he was arrested after being accused of punching Wojciech Cieszkowski in the argument.

The '30 Rock' star has now filed a defamation lawsuit because he insists never hit anyone and the other guy - who filed an assault and slander lawsuit against Alec in April - repeatedly lied about what had happened.

Documents obtained by TMZ read: ''When two New Yorkers get into an argument over a parking space, typically what happens is they exchange a few sharp words and then move on with their lives.

''But that is not what happened here. Cieszkowski has instead made up a false story about the encounter and refused to move on unless Baldwin succumbs to his extortionate demands.''

The 'Saturday Night Live' star has admitted ''lightly'' pushing Cieszkowski during the row but insisted the man then lied and claimed to have been badly assaulted.

Alec believes both hospital records and video surveillance footage will back up his side of the saga.

The 'Boss Baby' star was ordered to take an anger management class and pay a $120 fine when he pleaded guilty to harassment earlier this year, and his lawyers later claimed Cieszkowski was ''searching for a jackpot'' with his assault and slander lawsuit.

Luke Nikas, Alec's lawyer, said in a statement: ''We intend to show the Court that Mr. Cieszkowski's story is false- that the video evidence, eyewitness testimony, and medical records all prove that he's searching for a jackpot he's not entitled to receive.''

In May, Alec and his lawyers slammed Wojciech for his lawsuit and called for the slander allegations to be dismissed, after accusing him of trying to turn a minor incident into a ''multi-million dollar lottery ticket''.

A memorandum filed to dismiss the slander allegation read: ''Cieszkowski is trying to turn a minor altercation over a parking spot into a multi-million dollar lottery ticket.''