Alec Baldwin has set the record for being the most frequent host of 'Saturday Night Live'.

The '30 Rock' actor hosted the programme for the 16th time on Saturday (24.09.11) which saw him play the role of Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry in a debate with other candidates including , Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney, Kenan Thompson as Herman Cain and Kristin Wiig as Michelle Bachmann.

During the show, Alec hit back at protests of the new Ben & Jerry's flavour Schweddy Balls and joked there was a new flavour being created called "Go Fudge Yourself".

The real Herman revealed he "loved" the spoof and thinks it could help his campaign and told Ann Curry: "You may hear that last line in my next debate performance. I love that SNL spoof! It didn't offend me at all.

"It was basically was a good spoof about, yes, 'Vote for me and I will deliver.' I couldn't have come up with a better one myself. I'm going to Take That and run with it."