30 Rock star Alec Baldwin lashed out at a photographer earlier today outside the star's home in the West Village, New York, following what some onlookers have described as harassment, reports the New York Daily News.
On the day before he is to reportedly wed fiance and yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, the actor laid into the celebrity snapper with a swear-laden tirade that was initially prompted by the photographer's own foul language and harassment of Baldwin's neighbour. The photographer was also said to be blocking the entrance to Baldwin's neighbour's apartment building, refusing her entrance. Baldwin stuck up for his neighbour and demanded that the photographer leave the area. As Baldwin, who was leaving his apartment, walked away the unidentified photographer said, "All we're doing is taking your picture."
Baldwin then proceeded back to the photographer, firmly telling him; "I want you to shut the f--- up and get out of here," said Baldwin. "I want you to get out of here. Leave my neighbour alone ... Did you hear what I said?" Baldwin and his PR have declined to comment on the incident thus far. This incident also comes less than a week after a photographer for the Daily News claimed the actor punching him in the street.