Alec Baldwin wants to be a stay at home dad.

The 54-year-old actor's wife Hilaria Thomas, 28, is expecting the couple's first child and with his TV show '30 Rock' recently ending, Alec has dreams of spending his days at home with the tot while yoga instructor Hilaria works.

He told 'Extra': ''My dream is to be home with the baby, standing in the doorway, saying goodbye to Mommy. 'Mommy is going to work now. Bye Mommy ... don't work too hard!'''

Alec already has 17-year-old daughter Ireland from his previous marriage to Kim Basinger but Hilaria insists she wants at least two children.

She said: ''I want to have at least one of each, so whatever this is going to be, I want to have the next one [be the opposite sex].''

While Hilaria has been craving pineapples, Alec joked he has been having sympathy pains.

He joked: ''My boobs hurt. My boobs are killing me, so sore. My jeans don't fit. My pants, I can't buckle them.

''She was eating troughs of pineapple. I mean like tanker containers of pineapple,'' he shares.

Hilaria added: ''I didn't eat pineapple before. It was bizarre. I really wanted pineapple.''