Alec Baldwin has ''abundant faith'' in his wife Hilaria Baldwin.

The 'Framing John DeLorean' star says the fitness and wellness expert has an excellent sense of ''judgement'', and he was proud of her when she decided to speak candidly about her recent miscarriage.

Alec - who already has Carmen, five, Rafael, three, Leonardo, two, and Romeo, 10 months - with Hilaria, said: ''My wife is very self-directing. She does what she thinks is right. I have abundant faith in her judgment. She's a very wise woman.''

The 61-year-old actor then joked that he's able to get Hilaria pregnant simply by saying ''Good morning'' to her, and noted that it was important for his spouse to be honest about her miscarriage in order to honour those who are less fortunate with their fertility.

Speaking to People magazine, the 'Boss Baby' actor added: ''If I say 'Good morning' to my wife, she gets pregnant. A lot of other people, they don't have the same situation. They struggle and it's a huge battle for them. My wife just chose to put that out there, because she thought it was part of her whole windshield about her view about health.''

Hilaria, 35, first spoke about her pregnancy back in April when she announced she was expecting her fifth child, but said it was unlikely the baby would survive. She then confirmed the sad news of her miscarriage a week later.

Recently, the brunette beauty said speaking about her experience made it less ''scary'' for her to deal with, as she felt as though she wasn't going through it alone.

She said: ''It's much more about the issue and less about me because once I opened up; so many people come to me and said they experienced the same thing. There's so much shame surrounding it. So I just wanted to be open. And it wasn't so scary. A lot of time you find out when you open up it's not scary.''