Actor Alec Baldwin fears his family won't come to his rescue if he ever goes into cardiac arrest because he once faked a heart attack on April Fools' Day.

The 30 Rock star previously played a prank on his daughter Ireland by collapsing on the floor and pretending to suffer a medical emergency, but the Emmy winner's horrified 17 year old wasn't amused when she learned it was all a joke.

During an appearance on U.S. show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday (01Apr13), he explained, "I did an April Fools' trick on my daughter about like, five, six years ago... I faked that I had a heart attack in my apartment in New York... She was with some people watching a Tv show and they were like really into the Tv show and I wondered if they would notice.

"So I did this thing... It's like four steps. You're there... and you're glued to the Tv and you're not really paying attention to me. And I kind of stared at her and then finally she looked at me and I go, 'I feel like I have really bad heartburn. I don't really feel very well, I'm gonna go into the kitchen and get some water.' And my daughter was like, 'Ok, yeah, great,' and then she went right back to the Tv. And I got up and then I walk kind of quickly and then I slow down and... I fell down in my hallway...

"She jumped up and they called 911 (emergency services)... I stayed laying there, I couldn't get any foam to come out of my mouth. I laid there for like the count of 10 and my daughter, I think she kicked me like 10 times (after he confessed it was a joke). 'You're an a**, you're an a**, you're an a**.'"

However, now Baldwin worries Ireland and his new wife Hilaria won't take him seriously if something ever does goes wrong.

He adds, "My wife, she goes, 'If you do that to me I'm going to be so mad at you Alec.' And I thought, I'm gonna have a real heart attack and I'm gonna be laying there and she's going to be like, 'Knock it off Alec,' and I'm gonna be like gagging and writhing and twitching."