Alec Baldwin is ''not up for the challenge'' of having more children.

The 60-year-old actor is already father to five children - 23-year-old Ireland, whom he has with ex-wife Kim Basinger, and Carmen Gabriela, five, Rafael Thomas, three, Leonardo Ángel Charles, two, and Romeo Alejandro David, 10 months, whom he has with current spouse Hilaria Baldwin - and although his wife would love to have more tots running around the house, Alec isn't so sure.

He said: ''Oh yeah, [Hilaria's] up for the challenge. I'm the one who's not up for the challenge.''

And when asked why he's against the idea of expanding their brood any further, the 'Boss Baby' star cited his age.

He added: ''When my kids graduate school, I'll be 85.''

But Alec says there is a plus side to being an older father, as he joked he'll be deaf by the time they're teenagers so won't be able to hear the ''really bad things'' they get up to.

Speaking to People magazine, he said: ''As my friends say, when your kids are climbing out the window and they're going to do really, really bad things when they get older, when they're in their late teen years, you'll be deaf anyway so you won't have to hear it. Let's see what happens.''

Although he's ruled out the idea of a fifth tot with Hilaria, the 35-year-old health and wellness expert said in October that she was still debating the idea.

She said: ''I think about it a lot. When I'll have a day that's really really hard with the kids, I'm like, 'No more kids!' and then I'll have a day where they're like really cute like this, and I'm like, 'I could have another one.'''