As has been well documented recently, angry Alec Baldwin has been giving photographers and writers of the New York Daily Post the run around recently, running over one poor fella's foot on his bike and allegedly punching out another within a few days of each other. Nevertheless, the paper is bravely continuing to report on the travails of the comic actor turned media nasty man and it is they who have confirmed that he has once again left social networking site Twitter.
Baldwin left the micro-blogging community last December having been kicked off a flight by stewards for refusing to turn his phone off. There are echoes of that in his current absence, with the build-up of attention on him perhaps once again causing him to seek more privacy. The actor reportedly tweeted "It's been fun" before shutting down his profile.
There have been concerns about Baldwin, with parallels perhaps to be made between his current behaviour and that shown by the erratic Charlie Sheen in 2011. In an issue of Vanity Fair, out on newsstands this week, the interview he gave offered little evidence to play down those worries, as he said he'd like to "gut" Tmz producer Harvey Levin, furthering "I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him, and I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes." Err, right on, Alec!