Movie star Albert Brooks once chauffeured THE Beatles when they were too drunk to make their own way home.

The BROADCAST NEWS star used to look after John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the early 1970s - in between stand-up comedy gigs in Los Angeles.

He recalls, " I was actually friends with HARRY NILSSON and through him I got this job of driving The Beatles when they were drunk.

"I also used to drive Harry and John Lennon all the time. I was doing stand-up at THE TROUBADOR and Harry called me and said, `I'm gonna bring John Lennon tonight.'

"I wound up having the worst show - the only two hecklers I ever had were John and Harry that night.

"But I'm in MAY PANG's book LOVING JOHN - I'm the one sleeping in the other room when they're all loaded. It's still a thrilling thing to think back and realise I knew the Beatles.

12/05/2003 21:29