Veteran actor Albert Brooks won his role as a crime boss in action thriller Drive after scaring director Nicolas Winding Refn by pinning him up against a wall.
The star is better known for his comedy work, voicing characters in films like Finding Nemo and on longrunning cartoon The Simpsons, but he has been impressing film critics with his dark turn as mob boss Bernie Rose in Drive, a role which has landed him a slew of honours, including a Golden Globe nomination.
However, Brooks reveals he risked losing the part altogether after pulling a stunt on the director before he had even landed the job.
He tells W magazine, "I got Drive because I told my manager that I thought I could make an interesting villain.
"I read the script, and they asked me to go to the director's house to meet him. We chatted, and on my way out I pinned him up against the wall by his front door. He's Danish, and he's already very pale. 'What are you doing?' he asked. I was very quiet. 'I just want you to know that I have great physical strength.' So he gave me the part."