Canadian celebrity couple Alanis Morissette and Ryan Reynolds are planning to adopt a child together.

The rock chick and Canadian Van Wilder actor have been dating since 2002, and have bought joint homes in Los Angeles and Reynolds' native Vancouver.

The pair are so serious about each other, they have spoken about starting a family - although Morissette wants to adopt a child instead of giving birth herself.

Morissette, 30, says, "I would like to have children, though I'm not attached to having my own kid. I think that there's so many babies on this planet that don't have parents.

"Adoption is something I'll definitely be looking into. I take all my experiences into account when I consider having children.

"I almost think I went through all of that so that I'll know how to deal with things when I become a parent.

13/05/2004 13:06