Rocker Alanis Morissette has teamed up with her rapper husband Souleye to write songs for his forthcoming album.

The Ironic hitmaker, who wed Souleye in 2010, admits she has always wanted to work with a hip-hop star and her husband's new project, Iron Horse Running, provided her with the perfect opportunity to fulfil her dreams.

She tells, "I've been wanting to collaborate with a rap artist for a long time but as you can imagine, with the b**ches and h**s orientation, it wasn't really an appropriate match.

"When I first met Souleye, I was a really big fan - like super crushed out - and I had no thought that we'd be able to even date. Writing songs with him has been amazing... We wrote about five songs together."

But Morrissette insists fans will not get to hear her rhyme because she has no rapping talent: "I am as white as it gets. It would be really awful. I'm so not a rapper!"