Creation Records boss Alan Mcgee knew his substance abuse problems had spiralled out of control when he flew to America and landed Shane MacGowan a lucrative record deal - without realising the Irish rocker wasn't signed to his label.
MCGee orchestrated the Britpop trend in the mid 1990s after discovering Oasis, and gave up drink and drugs after a health scare just before the band hit the bigtime.
But MCGee admits he should have faced his demons several years earlier when he found himself striking deals for acts who weren't on his roster.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "During our creative peak in about 1991 I was motoring in all senses. I was banging records out but I was out of my mind too.
"Things got so out of hand I went to America and signed a deal for Shane MacGowan worth £300,000. It wasn't until I got back home someone pointed out he wasn't even one of our acts."