Former music mogul Alan Mcgee has blamed punk stars' "rock and roll lifestyle" for claiming the lives of his heroes before their time.
MCGee, who founded independent label Creation Records, is convinced punk rockers suffer untimely deaths because of their self-destructive behaviour in the '70s.
In a column in Britain's The Sun, he writes, "There was a nihilism to punk which is partly what made it so great. Sadly, that rock and roll lifestyle is not very compatible with good health.
"We've lost so many great people from that era tragically young. Ironically, a lot of the previous generation who we call the rock 'n' rollers are still around - Paul MCCartney and the Stones to name a few.
"I've had my heart broken by the deaths of so many punk rockers - Joe Strummer, The Ramones, Tony Wilson and Malcolm MCLaren particularly. They were my heroes."
And MCGee admits the music world lost another great when former X-Ray Spex frontwoman Poly Styrene passed away, aged just 53, on Monday (25Apr11).
He adds, "She was so iconic to me and so many people. Poly wasn't a conventional kind of sexy woman but she was still very sexy. She paved the way for lots of unconventional female bands and female singers who came later... Poly paved the way for people including Madonna and Lady Gaga. You wonder if they would have even existed without Poly and Ari Up from The Slits, who died last year."