Music manager Alan Mcgee has praised his friend Bob Geldof's bravery in the aftermath of his daughter's death earlier this month (Apr14).

Socialite and Tv star Peaches Geldof passed away on 7 April (14) aged 25, and celebrity mourners including Kate Moss and Bill Wyman joined her devastated father at her funeral in Kent, England on Monday (21Apr14).

Creation Records founder MCGee, who discovered British rock group Oasis, was among the congregation, and he was full of admiration for the Live Aid creator's strength throughout the service, at which Geldof gave the eulogy.

MCGee tells the Irish Mirror newspaper, "It was incredibly tragic and incredibly heavy. But I think he handled it as well as any man could.

"The bravest thing I think I've ever seen him do is give the eulogy to his daughter who has died."

MCGee admits he was left shaken as he witnessed the former Boomtown Rats star carry his daughter's coffin into the church.

He adds, "It was very heavy when I saw him and (Geldof's accountant) Pat Savage and the two other people from the husband's side carry his daughter down through the chapel.

"I just thought, 'God, I hope it never has to be me carrying my daughter down'. It's terrible. Burying a child... I don't know. I've got a daughter so it's very heavy. It shook me up.

"He's an incredible human being, a remarkable man to be honest. I think he's doing as well as anybody could expect. He's bearing up. What can you do, you know? It's a tragedy."

The mother-of-two was found dead at her home in Kent. The cause of death is still not known.