British music mogul Alan Mcgee fears rock culture in London is facing a life-or-death battle as developers attempt to "close down culture" by bulldozing historic venues in the city.

The former boss of Creation Records is backing a campaign to save parts of the London's Soho district which are under threat from a new rail service link being installed nearby.

Famed club Madame Jojo's, iconic gig venue London Astoria, and the popular 12 Bar Club have already been shut down to make way for the development, and now MCGee is calling on more musicians to sign up to prevent London's musical heritage from being swallowed up completely.

In an article for NME magazine MCGee, best known as the man who discovered rock band Oasis, writes, "We're facing a war on culture, fuelled by consumerism. The 12 Bar Club in Soho closed down at the beginning of the year because contractors are developing the area... The question is: where will people go to discover new music when all the small venues are gone? If our option is The X Factor, I'll take the cyanide pill instead.

"London can't afford to lose any more venues... The problem is happening elsewhere too - we're seeing music venues closing nationwide. They're trying to close down culture, to make us workhorses."