Former music mogul Alan Mcgee is selling off his collection of rock memorabilia, including an original demo tape by British band Oasis.
MCGee, who founded Creation Records and discovered the Wonderwall hitmakers, is selling his prized pieces after admitting he no longer feels attached to the past.
As well as the Oasis demo from 1993, other items include never-before heard tracks by The Libertines, notes from Hole singer Courtney Love, and a book given as a birthday present by Noel Gallagher’s then-wife Meg Matthews.
MCGee tells the Manchester Evening News, "I’m just clearing out all this rock and roll rubbish from my house. I’ve no real interest in the past and have sort of moved on from the music scene - I’m more interested in books and films now.
"I’ve probably only sorted out 30 per cent of the stuff so there will be more to come in future auctions. If anyone asks if I’m selling all this stuff because I’m skint (poor), it’s not true: I live in a very big house in the country."
The lots will be auctioned off as part of a larger music memorabilia sale in Manchester, England on Saturday (25Feb12).