Acclaimed British playwright Alan Bennett has tipped one of his fictional teachers as the perfect candidate to teach his work in UK schools. Bennett, whose collection of monologues Talking Heads has been on the country's English literature syllabus for years, revealed his aspirations for how it is taught at Monday night's (02OCT06) movie premiere of latest comedy THE HISTORY BOYS. The film follows three teachers' quest to turn an unruly group of teenagers into successful entrants at England's top universities. But Bennett insists only one, an ageing, bumbling homosexual played by Harry Potter star Richard Griffiths, would be ideal teaching his own plays. He says, "It's difficult but I'd have to pick Hector. He's got the most charisma. He'd really get inside the characters. I think he'd do a brilliant job." Director Nicholas Hytner however, warns that parents may not agree after watching his wandering hands and unconventional classroom role plays on screen, one of which sees the boys act out a visit to a French brothel. He previously told British newspaper The Telegraph, "I think most parents would be, to a certain degree, dubious about a teacher who had absolutely no regard for results."