Veteran actor Alan Arkin is set to tell all about his decades-long career in an upcoming memoir.
The Edward Scissorhands actor, 76, has signed a deal with publishers at Da Capo to chronicle his rise to fame in his new book An Improvised Life.
He tells the New York Post, "Since I was five I wanted to act. My brilliance in kindergarten was thanks strictly to wits and timing. My poet father made a living but was never happy. But if it wasn't show business, I didn't care about it. Even as a kid, all I wanted was to hitchhike to Hollywood...
"This book I wrote myself over the years. I didn't plan it. A Native American school had me teach an improvisation workshop. Not sketch comedy.... All acting. It was successful, so I added material, wrote down things, added background. It got circulated, published in the school magazine, and that's what happened."
The tome will hit book shelves on 1 March (11).