Veteran actor Alan Alda was highly amused when he received a Botox injection gift for his Oscar nomination for The Aviator last year (05).

Ageing Alda, who starred opposite LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's Howard Hughes as SENATOR BREWSTER, was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award at the Academy Awards, where he was showered with numerous gifts.

He says, "I'm really glad I went through that because it's one of those rare experiences in showbusiness.

"You do all the work and then they give you all these gifts for being nominated.

"I actually got a gift certificate for Botox. And an appointment with a plastic surgeon, a whole suitcase full of face cream, a trip to China. But Botox?

"It's saying, 'You were very expressive in that movie, shoot this in your face. See if you can act with no expression whatsoever.'"