Al Pacino credits two guide dogs for one of his finest theatrical performances - because he focused on their eyes in the dark and was inspired by their focus. The acting icon was performing in Boston, Massachusetts and felt compelled to perform to this fixed stare. But the eyes staring back at him one magical night belonged to a pair of seeing-eye dogs. He recalls, "I was on the stage for three hours straight, never coming off, and you know how it is when you're doing a show... you connect to the audience and I felt this presence in the audience, these eyes staring at me. "I had never done this before. I played the whole performance to these eyes because they were so... they were inspiring me. They were so riveting. They were just staring at me and I thought I'm finally being locked at. "It was throwing me a little bit, but it was inspiring me. At curtain call, when the play was over, I came out. I had to look in the direction of those eyes. And I came out, taking my curtain call, and I looked right where those eyes were. They were two seeing-eye dogs."