Al Pacino was fired from his first job as a cinema usher - after his boss caught him staring at his reflection in a mirror.
The star insists he wasn't being vain, he had simply discovered his profile for the first time - and was horrified by what he saw.
He explains, "I was an usher. It was a huge movie house. The Rivoli Theater in New York.
"There was a three-way mirror that was the candy counter. I saw myself for the first time in my life, three quarters, and the profile too - and I thought, `I'm finished'. "I was mesmerised by it. It wasn't vanity, I was shocked. It was like a different person.
"The manager didn't like my doing that. He caught me doing it again one day. He was walking down the stairs and fired me in flight: `You're gone, you're fired.' I was out of there."